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Alex & Anifa

Thank you for your kind booking and it was our pleasure to host your holiday and stay in Bali. We truly hope you enjoyed your stay and we hope to see you both back. Thank you for the warm words and compliments. It was our pleasure to have you both around here in Bali. Next time don’t forget to visit the natural spa in the North.


Brenda seems to had a great time in Bali. Thanks for your warm words. We always give our all and it’s very charming for us to see that this has been appreciated. Hope to see you again soon…call us next time when you’re flight is delayed 😉 ah… and before we forget, the name of your beloved dish it soto ayam. A very traditional soup from Indonesia.


Prylac booked a villa for the weekend for him and his friends. They asked for 5 bedrooms but I believe no one has seen his bed that weekend. A large pool and a cook was one of their requirements as instant noodles is just for the weekdays. We’re delighted with the positive feedback and wish you all the best with the wedding next year. Hope to see you and your wife back next year.


Jordan is a huge surf fan. He decided to stop working for a year and to move to Bali. Big change. Bali Villas made this change much more easy for him and we found a lovely place for Jordan with a huge pool to cool down after one of his surf sessions. I’m sure Sven will join him in one of the upcoming weekends to play in the waves of Uluwatu. Thanks for the warm compliments and appreciation.


Stephanie went on a holiday to Bali. Her first one. A good chance for us to stand out of anyone else and deliver the best outstanding first experience she could wish for. Thanks Stephanie for sharing your love and appreciation with us. We’d love to watch it, and don’t forget to send your sister over next month.

Siren & Jade

We so enjoyed to be party of your happiness. First year married, first time in Asia. Very happy to see happy faces and wide smiles. Hope to see you both back next time, and if time flies, you better book two weeks instead of just 5 days. Let us know a few months ahead of your arrival so we can book a more exclusive villa this time.


Thanks so much Ian for giving us trust and offering your villa to us to find a new house owner. We’re also delighted that we managed to sell your villa in a month or 3. It’s not are if you see the amounts of visitors on our website, but nevertheless it was fast. Thank you once again.


Thanks Bob for giving us trust and we’re happy to see that you are happy with our delivered services. We always strive to deliver more then our customers expect. Thank you once again for your very kind feedback.

Dean & Tracee

It was so awesome to be part of Dean’s story. He managed to get the hand of his loved one Tracee. We’re happy that we could delivery his love nest in Bali for a couple of days and that his plan turned out to be positive. We wish them all the best in life and hope to see them back (as promised) next year.